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A Rocketbot scout ship has run low on power and must search the area for a replacement energy source. Take control of the Rocketcopter to scout the area for the source of the energy signatures, collect any samples you find and return them to the ship. You must find enough samples to recharge the ship and return home. Be careful of the creatures that live here, they may not take kindly to being invaded.


  • W  -  Forward
  • S  -  Back
  • A  -  Strafe Left
  • D  -  Strafe Right
  • MOUSE  - Camera Look
  • E  -  Interact
  • P  - Pause
  • SPACE  -  Upwards Thrust
  • L. SHIFT  -  Descend
  • L. MOUSE  -  Grabber / Action
  • R. MOUSE  -  Release Grabber


Invasion of the Crystal Kingdom.zip 94 MB

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